A few of our visiting moths and  butterflies - under construction!

Foggy spring river bottom

About "Stella" and our Gardens

I've been gardening for most of my life, and mostly in eastern Iowa. So call it 45 years of experience.

Currently located in the hills above the Mississippi in Iowa, we are establishing brand new gardens ourselves.  So there will be many types of perennial plants started for many conditions, sun and shade.  Many will be native wildflowers, a few non-invasive non-natives, and heirlooms. And since there are many more seeds in a packet than we can use, the plan is start many and sell most of the many types of flowers we will plant.

Similarly, we usually start way too many tomatoes and peppers of a number of varieties (including many heirlooms,) and so will plan to sell some of these in the spring also.

And in the summer, when there is too much to freeze and can and eat fresh, we will sell the excess bounty at the local farmer's markets.

Special requests for perennial flower or vegetable starts for spring or fall planting will be happily considered!

Stella's Gardens